Your Website is Your Most Important Marketing Asset

Because of new technology, the internet and mobile communications devices human behavior has dramatically changed. People rely on the internet for product and service research, recommendations, and competitive comparisons. And because of the smart phone it is with them 24/7. So the key to success in this environment is engagement. People have to be able to find you when they want what you have to offer, then they need to be motivated to engage with you in the brief few seconds they have found you.

That is what makes you website so critical to your company’s success.

  • People need to be able to find you on the web
  • People need to be given the confidence that you can help them in the first few seconds of visiting your site
  • Your site needs to provide them with easy navigation to the information that they want or they bounce
  • It needs to give them easy opportunity to engage with you

Without creating a website that accomplishes the above your investment in your company, marketing and innovation are wasted. A quality website cost to build. But it is not a bottom line cost, it is a investment that will drive serious ROI many times your original investment.

There are many people that will put a page on the web for your company. But if it isn’t compliant to SEO standards, the software quality and licensed, and content not original, then the chances of getting any return on your money spent is very low. And that is just to get people to find your site. Then the site, design, content and interface will drive whether or not people stay on your site and engage.

Bottom line, your website is your most important marketing asset.

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