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The Crabapple Dojo
Serving Crabapple, Roswell & Woodstock

Our philosophy is that being the Best Karate School in Crabapple, Roswell & Woodstock means being part of this community, and that means offering a Karate school that provides more than just Karate. Our family values mindset drives us to be aware of and sensitive to today's busy families. That is why we have a wide variety of programs that help our families with busy schedules every day. After School Program with Karate Classes and after school pickup. In the summer we offer Summer Day Camp. And then we offer regular Karate Classes classes 6 days a week to make sure you can fit us into your hectic schedule.

American Freestyle Karate School

Our Karate School serves Crabapple, Roswell, and Woodstock. We provide a unique style of martial arts training, by integrating a mix of disciplines into a single form. So we have taken skills and techniques from Japan, Okinawa, Korea, China, India and American Self-Defense to create a modern versatile style that offers the most complete and rounded fighting form in America today.

Headed by world champion competitor, Chris Walker, our karate program teaches high quality martial arts and emphasizes respect, personal disciple, and focus.

Jiu Jitsu – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu affiliate location to Diego Saraiva BJJ and Nova Uniao Atlanta

Earned. Never Given.

Our Karate students are DOJOSTRONG, that is because we teach a mindset and lifestyle that is about earning what you want in life. We don't hand out belts for a fee, we teach, guide and motivate our students to achieve and perform under pressure. The same skills they need to be successful in life. We provide a disciplined, respectful & fun environment for our students and their families everyday.

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Christopher Walker

Chief Instructor

About Christopher

Mr. Walker is a fourth degree black belt who has been in martial arts for 30+ years. He is a 20+ year black belt as well as a 20 year martial arts instructor. He is a multiple time world champion in forms, fighting, and weapons. He is a professional MMA and kickboxer. In addition to his karate black belt, he also holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Mr. Walker's resume does not end with martial arts, he is a level 5 tumbling coach.

Alexander Bennett Title: Assistant Instructor

Alexander Bennett

Assistant Instructor

About Alexander

Mr. Bennett is a third degree black belt. He has been doing martial arts since 2006. He received his black belt through The Dojo in 2011. His weapon of choice is the bo. He has been an instructor at the Crabapple Dojo since 2016. In addition to his martial arts accomplishments, Mr. Bennett is an Eagle Scout and  a very successful YouTube gamer.

Virginia Csoka Title: Black Belt Prep Instructor / Head of After School Program

Virginia Csoka

Black Belt Prep

About Virginia

Mrs. Csoka is a fifth degree black belt who has been in martial arts for 30+ years. She has been a black belt for 28 years and has been a karate instructor that long as well. She has traveled as a karate competition coach. She has worked in karate schools as a studio director, after school director and summer camp director. In addition to her impressive martial arts resume, she also has a three year diploma in nursing.

Programs for Busy Families

We're here to help provide our families with the programs that make life a little easier for you and fun for your children.




^ Lessons 6 Days a Week

We inspire, motivate and focus our students. Karate, like any skill, requires repetition and positive re-enforcement from an experienced professional martial artist. Our instructors are lifelong students of the martial arts and have been teaching it for many years.





We help families let their children's life keep moving forward even when parents have to work. With our A.S.K. - After School Karate Program. We will pick them and put them a karate class all before Mom or Dad pick them up.





When families need summer daycare our families are taken care of. We offer a 5 day summer day camp each week, where the kids have fun, go on field trips and learn karate Monday thru Friday. It makes our kids happy and gives our parents a safe place they can trust.

Enroll Today to Reserve Your Spot for Our After School Karate Program!

This allows busy families to get their children cared for after school and learn Karate at the same time. Limited Space Available. School

WE PICKUP at the following Schools: Hembree Springs, Sweet Apple, Mountain Park & Roswell North.

Karate Lessons

We will work with you to make the most of your Black Belt Journey.




Learning the Basics

This is where everyone starts. It teaches you the basic skill and disciplines requried to begin your serious martial arts training. The goal at this stage is to develop the stance, form, focus and mindset that is required to master the art.




By Invitation Only

Once you have demonstrated the required basic skills and the discipline required to perform the intermediate level skills you will be invited to join the Black Belt Program. This program is for serious and dedicated students that have their focus set on achiveing a Black Belt.




Advanced Leadership Program

Students that demonstrate leadership potential are invited to enter the Masters Program. This program is for high level belted students, that want to become leaders. The life skills and training developed here our students bring to achieve success in life and career.

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BJJ – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program

The Dojo at Crabapple is an affiliate location for Diego Saraiva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Nova Uniao Atlanta). The program is headed by Mr. Jason Scohier.

Contact us for details.

Other Services:
  • Birthday Parties: Call us for Costs & Availability.
  • Parent Nights Out: Look for Dates & Times on Facebook

Location Information:
Located on the corner of Hwy. 92 & Hwy 9, NorthWest Corner.

10500 Alpharetta Hwy, Suite 10502A, Roswell, GA 30076

Phone: (770) 649-1074


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