"Dojo Test Day Requirements"

The Test Day Requirements are for Novice and Black Belt tests.

The cost for Novice Black Belt testing is $10/candidate
given on the test date during check-in. Cash preferred.


  • Proper uniform
  • Belt worn properly (tied and matching length)
  • All hair bound securely above collar
  • Females: shirt/sports bra matches color of uniform
  • Males: no t-shirts*
  • No renegade patches. Refer to Dojo Patch placement guide.
  • No jewelry or watches. Religious non-removal items/amulets must be secured and out of sight
  • No stains or holes in the uniform
  • Fresh shave for males (as applies)
  • Sparring Gear must be Dojo gear and have no tape or rips

* If shirt must be worn, it must be the same color as your uniform.


  • Testing number and score sheet packet will be provided at the beginning of testing
  • Test cost is $10 per candidate on the day of the test. Cash preferred.
  • Candidates must arrive a minimum of 30minutes before the testing starts.
  • Candidates must check in at the front counter upon arrival.

Tardiness will result in not being allowed to test.

Where to find the Best Karate Schools in North Atlanta. Visit the School's Page for More Info & Details.

Roswell-Crabapple Dojo
Located on the corner of Hwy. 92 & Hwy 9, NorthWest Corner in Crossville Village.
10500 Alpharetta Hwy, Suite 10502A, Roswell, GA 30076
(770) 649-1074


Atlanta's Best Karate Schools_ROSWELL-Alpharetta-johns-creekRoswell • Alpharetta • John's Creek
The New location is just off of Old Alabama on the north side of Jones Bridge.
9945 Jones Bridge Rd Ste 108-109 • Johns Creek, GA 30022.
Right next door to Mathnasium.
(678) 822-3656


The-Dojo-Atlanta's Best Karate Schools-Abbotts Bridge • Johns Creek 
At the Corner of Abbotts Bridge Road and Jones Bridge Road
In front of Dynamo Swim Center
5075 Abbotts Bridge Road, Johns Creek, GA 30005
(678) 417-7780