"Dojo Test Day Requirements"

The Test Day Requirements are for Novice and Black Belt tests.

The cost for Novice Black Belt testing is $10/candidate
given on the test date during check-in. Cash preferred.


  • Proper uniform
  • Belt worn properly (tied and matching length)
  • All hair bound securely above collar
  • Females: shirt/sports bra matches color of uniform
  • Males: no t-shirts*
  • No renegade patches. Refer to Dojo Patch placement guide.
  • No jewelry or watches. Religious non-removal items/amulets must be secured and out of sight
  • No stains or holes in the uniform
  • Fresh shave for males (as applies)
  • Sparring Gear must be Dojo gear and have no tape or rips

* If shirt must be worn, it must be the same color as your uniform.


  • Testing number and score sheet packet will be provided at the beginning of testing
  • Test cost is $10 per candidate on the day of the test. Cash preferred.
  • Candidates must arrive a minimum of 30minutes before the testing starts.
  • Candidates must check in at the front counter upon arrival.

Tardiness will result in not being allowed to test.