Atlanta's Best Karate Schools for Busy Families

Our philosophy is that being Atlanta's Best Karate Schools means being part of this community, and that means offering a Karate school that provides more than just Karate. Our family values mindset drives us to be aware in and sensitive to today's busy families. That is way we have a wide variety of programs that help our families with busy schedules every day. After School program with Karate Classes and after school pickup. In the summer we offer Summer Day Camp. And then we offer regular Karate Classes classes 6 days a week to make sure you can fit us into your hectic schedule.

The Dojos are Ranked
"Top Five Karate Schools in America"

by Professional Martial Arts Magazine

Our Karate Class Programs

Becoming Black Belt Strong is about instilling personal discipline, confidence, focus, total fitness and self-defense abilities in our students of all ages. Therefore, our training system adjusts to best meet the needs of every age group.

Kids Karate Class Programs

Specialized Training by Age Groups

All of our instructors are fully trained and certified to work with children of all ages. Our highly effective training system for kids is divided into two separate age groups.

Dojo Dinos - Ages 3.5 to 6

First, we understand that your child is still developing so we only teach exercises and techniques that are age specific. So, proper consideration is taken for a 3.5 – 6-year old's physical abilities and limits.

  • Fun classes that engage and educate at the same time
  • Lessons are formatted for how young children learn
  • Our instructors connect and communicate with each child individually
  • We maintain the proper balance of correction and feedback
  • Finally, The Dojo maintains a safe environment and family-oriented atmosphere

Dojo Dragons - Ages 7 to 12

When thinking, about "karate", most children, immediately think "black belt". Earning a black belt is a long-term goal we encourage for our students.

But more importantly, with our Dojo Dragons, we emphasize that they "Learn to THINK like a Black Belt". By using the positive example of our black belt instructors, students learn to think and then behave like a "black belt" as the first steps.

As aresult, the journey to becoming "Black Belt Strong" begins with the very first day of training for our students.


Teen & Adult Karate Class Programs

Get The Best In Self Defense Training.
Get Fit. Stay Fit. And Have Fun!

While The Dojo offers an extensive program for children, we also provide training for teens and adults, designed to help you reach your self-improvement goals. Our training sessions help you reach your self-improvement, as well as personal fitness goals. Other benefits include:

  • Major Benefits of Martial Arts Training with The Dojo
  • Learn effective self-defense to protect yourself and loved ones
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve your overall fitness
  • Lose weight
  • Build strength
  • Gain endurance and improve cardio
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Reduce stress and gain ability to relax

Comprehensive Curriculum - Classes for All Levels

We built our reputation on being able to meet the training needs of people of all ages and physical condition. Whether you are a true martial arts beginner or you are looking for more advanced training, The Dojo offers a great selection of convenient afternoon and evening classes available at our 9 metro Atlanta locations.

  • Classes include:
  • American Karate
  • Self Defense-- men and women
  • Adult Fitness
  • Fitness Kickboxing
  • MMA
  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Tactical Defense
  • Advanced Level Black Belt Training

All classes provide a mix of drills and conditioning exercises designed to improve core development, increase your flexibility and balance, and maximize your overall fitness level.

Where to find the Best Karate Schools in North Atlanta. Visit the School's Page for More Info & Details.

Atlanta's Best Karate Schools_ROSWELL-Alpharetta-johns-creek-karate-dojo-near-meRoswell • Alpharetta • John's Creek
The New location is just off of Old Alabama on the north side of Jones Bridge.
9945 Jones Bridge Rd Ste 108-109 • Johns Creek, GA 30022.
Right next door to Mathnasium. Dojo

Located on the corner of Hwy. 92 & Hwy 9, NorthWest Corner in Crossville Village.
10500 Alpharetta Hwy, Suite 10502A, Roswell, GA 30076

The-Dojo-Atlanta's Best Karate Schools-Abbotts Bridge • Johns Creek- karate dojo near meAbbotts Bridge • Johns Creek
At the Corner of Abbotts Bridge Road and Jones Bridge Road
In front of Dynamo Swim Center
5075 Abbotts Bridge Road, Johns Creek, GA 30005

DOJO-MAP-ICONS_Dunwoody DojoDunwoody • Johns Creek
In the Georgetown Shopping Center
5075 Abbotts Bridge Road, Johns Creek, GA 30005